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Moodoo Puppets awarded
"Best Party Entertainers"
in L.A. Parent's Best of 2012 & 2010 & 2009 & 2008

New Puppet Shows:
"Puppet Safari" &
"Holiday Puppet Safari"



Los Angeles Puppet Shows

Moodoo Puppets awarded "Best Party Entertainers"


LA Parent Magazine awards Moodoo Puppets the "Best Party Entertainers" award in 2010, our third year in a row winning this prestigious award. Thanks LA Parent Magazine!

New Educational Show About Animals!
Moodoo Puppets "Puppet Safari" with Safari Sam!

Michael Moodoo featured on the new Scooby Doo DVD
Scooby Doo! and Puppets Too!

Los Angeles, CA -- Moodoo Puppets creator Michael Moodoo hosts "Scooby Doo & Puppets Too" in 2010. Moodoo was hired to teach viewers how to build their own monster puppets for this Scooby Doo DVD special feature. "Scooby Doo! Abracadabra Doo" DVD available on or the Warner Bros. official website.


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Moodoo Puppets MTV commercials

Los Angeles, CA -- Moodoo Puppets was hired by Partizan Entertainment to perform on 2 Global Warming commercials for MTV Switch.

Michael is the lead puppeteer on the the Polar Bear puppet commercial:

And Jason worked on the Penguin puppet commercial:

Moodoo Puppets MTV music video

LOS ANGELES, CA -- RSA films (Ridley Scott Associates) hired Moodoo Puppets for The White Stripes' "My Doorbell" MTV music video. Shot at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA, Moodoo Puppets used original puppet characters to coach 50 child actors aged 2-10.

(note: Watch for the kids' reaction shots inside the theatre -- they are reacting to the puppets. The directors asked us to elicit various emotions from the kids : "Can you make them laugh? Cry? Be awestruck?" )

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Moodoo Puppets on TV in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Moodoo Puppets appears at 10am on KWHY - Channel 22 with a special 5-minute Spanish language performance, followed by an interview with Moodoo Puppets creator Michael Dowell and performer Jason Milligan. (En Español)

Puppet shows at festivals and schools in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Moodoo Puppets performs at festivals and schools in Summer 2006. Events include: the City of Monterey Park's "Kids' Day" on Sunday, August 6 and the City of Los Angeles' "Big Sunday" event on May 7. School visits include Universal Studios Day Care, UCLA Recreation Camp, Woodbury Preschool Village, First Step Preschool, Stepping Stones Preschool, and many more! For information on upcoming shows, check our schedule.

Moodoo Puppets Brings Interactive Puppet Shows to Los Angeles Malls Moodoo Puppets kicks off 2005 with eight scheduled Shopping Mall performances throughout Los Angeles. Free Puppet shows include: "The Mystery of the Pirate's Tattoo" and "Sleeping Beauty in Outer Space". Most shows start at 6:00pm or 6:30pm. Venues include Westside Pavilion, Stonewood Center, Montebello Town Center, Los Cerritos Center, South Bay Pavilion, and South Bay Galleria.

Click here for scheduled upcoming public performances

New show premiering May 2005, "Martina's Undersea Adventure" Moodoo Puppets upcoming show will feature an underwater theme and amazing new characters, along with our favorite hero, Martina! Coming soon! New characters include: A Dolphin, an Octopus, and an amazing Living Coral Reef! Don't miss it!

New Puppet-Making Resources online Moodoo Puppets creator Michael Dowell, a.k.a. Michael Moodoo, published two online articles to help parents and children create fun puppets at home in 15 minutes or less, using household objects. Click here for more.

Moodoo Puppets premieres new Holiday show, "Martina and the Christmas Comet" "Martina and The Christmas Comet" is a heartfelt, original story that offers a new twist on the Holiday theme. Featuring your favorite Moodoo characters, Martina, Scurvy, the Love Bunny, and special guest... Tattoo Chuck! Show premiered in December, 2004, at the Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation Holiday Party, to an audience of 250. Click here to see photos of this special event!

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