Moodoo Puppets performs fun, interactive
puppet shows for family audiences in Los Angeles.

Created in 2001, Moodoo Puppets provides interactive puppet shows for children and adults throughout Los Angeles. Our goal is to promote peace, diversity and imagination through extraordinary and unique performances that touch the heart. At our premiere at Kidspace Children’s Museum in 2002, we had a sold-out performance of 200 people. Today, Moodoo Puppets continues to stretch its reach, touching tens of thousands through live shows at festivals, parades and theatres; puppetry and puppet-making workshops at cultural centers and schools; and mass media, including the internet and television. We are continually expanding our reach and developing exciting new puppet shows for audiences.

Where have we performed?

We perform over 150 shows per year at festivals, schools, pre-schools and private parties in Los Angeles. For a list of select venues, click here

About our workshops:

Moodoo Puppets educates youth through a variety of puppetry and puppet-making workshops. In February 2004, we worked with Mark Taper Forum’s P.L.A.Y. and L.A.’s Best to bring puppetry to the Los Angeles Unified School Distric, in a two-month series of puppet-construction and performance workshops for 80 students, culminating in 4 student performances using 80 unique hand-puppets. In January 2004, we gave a featured presentation in Pasadena Central Library’s "Cultural Passport Program". In 2003, we presented a "Puppetry and Dance" workshop at the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry’s "Day of Puppetry" event. We also worked with the Conservatory of Puppetry Arts to present a hands-on shadow-puppet-making workshop.


In 2002, we received a grant from the Puffin Foundation to support puppet show performances in Los Angeles; including the Whole Earth Festival and three shows at Hermosa Beach Community Center. We also brought "Puppets for Peace" to the Doo Dah Parade, with an audience of 30,000.

Rock star puppet shows:

"The Marvelous World of Moodoo" played at festivals and clubs in 2002-3, including sold-out shows at the world-famous Derby and Silverlake Lounge with "The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players".

TV appearances:

Our tv special, "The Marvelous World of Moodoo", broadcast on Adelphia Public Access in 2004. In 2005, we performed puppetry for an MTV music video featuring the rock band "The White Stripes", filmed at Hollywood's Magic Castle.


"Thank you to to Moodoo Puppets fans and supporters for helping us bring joyful, imaginative, and original puppetry to Los Angeles!" - Michael, Moodoo Puppets creator

Los Angeles Puppet Shows

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