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Michael Moodoo
actor / puppeteer / voice-over artist

Additional bio information:

Michael Dowell is an actor and puppeteer who has over 20 years of performance experience. He studied theatre performance at the Youth Performing Arts High School in Louisville, KY, playing many notable roles, including Count Riccardo in the Commedia Dell Arté play, "Gentlemen of the Old School". He also wrote and directed a murder-mystery comedy, "The Butler Did It". He continued at the University of Iowa, where he was honored with the "Outstanding Freshman Theatre Major of the Year award", in response to his successful performance in three lead roles displaying his performance range, including the role of Rimbaud in "Total Eclipse", Sean in "Sean, the Fool, The Devil..." and Jack Dempsey in the original play co-written with Erica Rothstein, "Jack in the Box".

Michael studied animation at CalArts, where he was honored with the "Walter Lantz Prize" for his student animation film, "A Public Service Announcement", which he directed, animated, and provided the voice-overs.

He also wrote the dark comedy, "Oedipus Makes Breakfast", which was produced at CalArts' 1999 New Plays Festival.

From 1998-2001, Michael worked as an animator for several years on prime-time television shows such as Futurama and Dilbert. He also worked as a storyboard artist on "Clay", a show for Disney TV.

In 2001, Michael created Moodoo Puppets, a group that provides original, extraordinary puppet shows for audiences in Los Angeles. All of the puppets are build by hand, and the group writes their own original scripts. The shows are interactive, fun and age appropriate for all ages. Each show features an important social theme, such as friendship, helping others and caring for the environment. In each show, the kids get to be the "heroes" who save the day.

As a puppeteer, Michael has performed hundreds of shows for festivals, private parties, and special events in Los Angeles. Notable venues include: The 25th Annual Salute to Recreation Event, Pershing Square, The City of Los Angeles Big Sunday Event, Pasadena Food Bowl, The City of Monterey Park's Kids Day Event, Universal Studios Child Care and Kidspace Children's Museum.

He has taught many puppetry workshops at Los Angeles schools in conjunction with Center Theatre Group and the Mark Taper Forum.

In 2004, Michael produced and starred in "The Marvelous World of Moodoo", a TV special broadcast on Adelphia cable television in Los Angeles.

In 2005, Michael created and starred in the award-winning 6-part video series, "Drawing Power! with Michael Moodoo". The series combines live action and animation, and is designed to teach viewers how to create realistic and satisfying drawings of objects, characters and places from life or the imagination.

In 2005, Michael performed puppetry for an MTV music video for "The White Stripes".

In April 2007, Michael performed as the lead puppeteer on the "polar bear" character for an "International Global Awareness" commercial on MTV.

Michael can be available to create funny, dramatic and imaginative characters for film and television projects.

For more information, email or call 626-296-6956



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